SUSLOV, SERGEI KONSTANTINOVICH, mathematics and physics
educator and translator; b. Ostrovskoe, Russia, Oct. 19,1955;
s. Konstantin Ivanovich and Liliya Borisovna (Golubeva)  S.;
m. Nataliya Ivanovna Radutnaya, Apr. 18, 1981; children; Liliya, Roman.
MSc, Moscow Inst.Physics & Tech., 1980;
PhD, Kurchatov Inst. Atomic Energy, Moscow, 1986.
Asst. prof. Kurchatov Inst., Moscow, 1980-86, assoc. prof., 1986 - ;
translator Mir Pubrs., Moscow, 1983, 1990 - .
Author: (with A. F. Nikiforov and V. B. Uvarov):
Classical Orthogonal Polynomials of a Discrete Variable,
"Nauka", Moscow, 1985; translated to english:
Springer Series in Computational Physics, 1991.
Mem. Am. Math. Soc., Soc. for Indst. and Applied Math.
Office: Kurchatov Inst. Kurchatov Sq 1, 123182 Moscow Russia
(Who'sWho in the World, 12th Edition, 1995) 

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